The spatial diffusion and socio-economic consequences of avian flu essay

Abstract in this paper we investigate the role of poultry in households’ livelihoods portfolios and the impact of supply-and-demand shocks that may be caused by highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) on households’ various livelihoods outcomes in four sub-saharan african (ssa) countries. Highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) viruses of the h5n1 subtype are a major concern to human and animal health in indonesia this study aimed to characterize transmission dynamics of h5n1 over time using novel bayesian phylogeography methods to identify factors which have influenced the spread of h5n1 in indonesia. In this paper, we propose a mathematical model to describe the avian influenza dynamics in wild birds with bird mobility and heterogeneous environment incorporated in addition to establishing the basic properties of solutions to the model, we also prove the threshold dynamics which can be expressed.

Another major public health issue, the potential socio-economic effects of avian influenza have been highlighted recently with mass media attention focused on the outbreak of the h5n1 strain of the disease currently moving across asia, africa and europe. Briefly, a keyword-based search of the isi web of science and cab abstracts databases from january 1996 to december 2010 identified papers with explicit reference to spatial data on avian influenza. In the case of avian influenza h5n1 in china, the focus has been on negative effects lakes and wetlands attracting migrating waterfowl have been argued to be disease hotspots we consider the implications of waterfowl conservation for h5n1 infections in both poultry and humans between 2004 and 2012. The thesis consists of four papers that analyze the immediate as well as the short and long-term impact of spanish influenza 1918-19 on mortality and fertility in norway the spanish influenza was one of the worst epidemics in history, killing perhaps 100 million people in less than a year.

Health has always been a fundamental social concern, but apprehension over health issues has escalated in recent years in the wake of extensive media coverage of disease outbreaks, the rapid spread of infectious diseases around the world, growing evidence of the health impacts of exposure to the by. You, l and diao, x (2007), ‘assessing the potential impact of avian influenza on poultry in west africa: a spatial equilibrium analysis’, journal of agricultural economics, 58 (2), pp 348 – 367. Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (hpaiv) h5n1 continues to impact on smallholder livelihoods, to constrain development of the poultry production sector, and to cause occasional human fatalities hpai h5n1 outbreaks have occurred in a variety of ecological systems with economic, agricultural. Coordinate the work of the post avian influenza rehabilitation unit (pairu) based in bangkok and centralize collected information from the region 2 develop a regional network with national authorities to collect information related to the production and economic impact of the ai epidemic in their respective countries.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza h5n1 virus still cause devastating effects to humans, agricultural poultry flocks, and wild birds wild birds are also detected to carry h5n1 over long distances and are able to introduce it into new areas during migration. Fao: highly pathogenic avian influenza: a rapid assessment of socio-economic impact on vulnerable households in egypt prepared by georgina limon, nicoline de haan, karin schwabenbauer, zahra s ahmed and jonathan rushton ahbl - promoting strategies for prevention and control of hpai. Research open access retrospective space-time analysis of h5n1 avian influenza emergence in thailand marc souris1,2,3, jean-paul gonzalez2,4, jothiganesh shanmugasundaram3, victoria corvest5, pattamaporn kittayapong1 abstract background: the highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) h5n1 virus remains a worldwide threat to human and.

Influenza a virus infections result in ∼500,000 human deaths per year and many more sublethal infections wild birds are recognized as the ancestral host of influenza a viruses, and avian viruses have contributed genetic material to most human viruses, including subtypes h5n1 and h1n1. A cylinder was used to define a potential spatial-temporal cluster, which centered at the county with different spatial radius used to search clusters in spatial and a time period of 1–28 days as the height of the cylinder for temporal cluster. Using avian influenza as an example, we discuss how the emergence of avian influenza h5n1 and h7n9 in china was linked to rapid intensification of the poultry sector taking place in landscapes rich in wetland agriculture and wild waterfowls habitats, providing an extensive interface with the wild reservoir of avian influenza viruses. Spatial data issues in geographical zoonoses research diffusion of influenza viruses among migratory birds with a focus on the southwest united states dynamics and ecological consequences of avian influenza virus infection in greater white-fronted geese in their winter staging areas. Analyzing the potential impact of bird migration on the global spread of h5n1 avian influenza (2007-2011) using spatio-temporal mapping methods in chen, d b moulin, and j wu (eds) analyzing and modeling spatial and temporal dynamics of infectious diseases.

The spatial diffusion and socio-economic consequences of avian flu essay

The epidemic of h7n9 bird flu in eastern china in early 2013 has caused much attention from researchers as well as public health workers the issue on modeling the transmission risks is very interesting topic in this article, this issue is debated and discussed in order to promote further researches on prediction and prevention of avian influenza viruses supported by better interdisciplinary. Partial differential equation models provide a means of melding organism movement with population processes and have been used extensively to elucidate the effects of spatial variation on populations. The spatial spread of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus h5n1 and its long-term persistence in asia have resulted in avian influenza panzootics and enormous economic losses in the poultry sector.

Besides, cockfighting practitioners had a significantly higher centrality than other actors in the information network and they facilitated the spatial diffusion of information social ties built in cockfighting activities and the shared purpose of protecting valuable cocks were at the basis of the diffusion of information and the informal. Background the avian influenza a (h5n1) virus is endemic in poultry in egypt the winter of 2014/2015 was particularly worrying as new clusters of hpai a (h5n1) virus emerged, leading to an important number of ai a (h5n1) outbreaks in poultry farms and sporadic human cases. Economic impacts of seasonal influenza vary across us counties, but little estimation has been conducted at the county level this research computed annual economic costs of seasonal influenza for 3143 us counties based on census 2010, identified inherent spatial patterns, and investigated cost-benefits of vaccination strategies.

Evolution of avian influenza cases number histogram by week from july, 1st, 2004 until may, 1st, 2008 six successive waves are highlighted (labeled) in the figure. Wal‐mart and dell computers were chosen as one specializes in retail and the other manufacturingfindings – the study identifies avian flu pandemic risks including failure modes on wal‐mart and dell computers global operations. Published or accepted papers: on a computational study of avian influenza, discrete and continuous dynamical systems - s, vol 4(2010), issue 6, pp 1499 - 1509 minimal model of plankton systems revisited with spatial diffusion and maturation delay, accepted by bulletin of mathematical biology, febuary, 2016.

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The spatial diffusion and socio-economic consequences of avian flu essay
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