Pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay

The pax mongolica or mongol peace is a phrase coined by western scholars to describe the social, cultural, and economic outcome of the mongol empire's conquest of the territory from southeast asia to europe in the 13th and 14th centuries. As exchange networks intensified, an increased number of travelers within afro-eurasia wrote about their travels (ibn battuta, marco polo, xuanzang) iv there was continued diffusion of crops and pathogens, including epidemic diseases like the bubonic plague along trade routes. Unlike some other world history texts that center on the west, the human record provides balanced coverage of the global past the book features both written and artifactual sources that are placed in their full historical contexts through introductory essays, footnotes, and focus questions.

Travel in the age of the pax mongolica,= from overfield, the human record, 426-444 west africa meets europe,@ from davidson, african civilization revisited, 201-242 hernán cortés, five letters, excerpt from the athird letter,@ 135-162. This then was the pax mongolica (mongol peace), a situation created by the mongols which at least for a time facilitated commerce and communication mongol rule did bring with it initial destruction, the imposition of heavy financial burdens, and the loss of political independence, at the same time that it seeded political renewal in some areas. According to ibn battuta, some of the ships even carried plants growing in wooden tubs in order to supply fresh food for the sailors khubilai khan promoted the building of ever larger seagoing junks to carry heavy loads of cargo and ports to handle them. Ibn battuta was a muslim explorer from india and like marco polo, he traveled to china by using the silk road throughout his journey in the 14th century, he spread islam to other societies the silk road had a big impact on religions, because not only did it help it spread, but it also helped it develop and adapt into different societies.

The premodern world aims to teach historical thinking as well as historical ibn battuta, section on mali in travels in asia and africa 1325-1354, tr and ed h a w nov 20 travellers of the pax mongolica: rabban sauma goes to europe f nov 22 travellers of the pax mongolica: marco polo goes to india. An orda (also orda, ordu, ordo, or ordon) or horde was a historical sociopolitical and military structure found on the eurasian steppe, usually associated with the turkic people and mongols this entity can be seen as the regional equivalent of a clan or a tribe. Present 8000bce ap world history - main ideas by nadine alirani 8000 bce - 600 bce 8000 bce - 600 bce 600bce-600ce the classical era big pictures: rise and fall of empires, development and spread of religions and belief systems, and major development and expansion of large trade networks.

He traveled in northern africa, the middle east, india, pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay example pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay sample a noted muslim traveler in the fourteenth century. The primary result of the post-classical era were increased global connections this section of unit iv discusses the impact of this increased trade networks such as the pax mongolica (silk roads), trans-saharan trade, and indian ocean (as well as increased integration of western europe with asia after the crusades) on the different regions of the world. A thirteenth century venetian merchant who traveled the land and sea silk routes during the time of the pax mongolica his travel book detailed his experiences working in the yuan empire, the mongol domain in china, and inspired many europeans, inclduing columbus, to find faster trade routes to asia.

Pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay

pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay Ibn battuta lived during a rekindling of islamic civilization variously called the post-mongol renaissance or the pax mongolica it began in the late 1200’s following nearly a century of mongol invasion, depredation and ensuing economic depression in china, central asia, russia, persia and the middle east.

Ibn battuta reported that kaffa, the major genose port in the crimea, was one of the world's celebrated ports, and he found sarai to be a truly international city, inhabited by christians from byzantium and russia and by muslims from all over the middle east. Pax mongolica values valued people with different skills and tried to help spread them supported spread of muslim/islamic knowledge (where the antiquities are kept) and chinese provide medicine and anatomy in return, also first to print on paper. Ibn batutta made his remarkable travels during the later part of pax mongolica according to dunn, ibn batutta was able to travel under the guise of four different identities first batutta was a pious islam who traveled to the muslim holy land of mecca and medina. Explorer ibn battuta travels to india find this pin and more on oh, the silk road history essay samples silk roads essay by evan cohen the silk road was a merchants’ heaven and a consumers’ dream a place where cultural diffusion was a natural occurrence and.

A similar picture is described for other parts of the empire at least into the 1330s by another famous traveler, the moroccan ibn battuta he described the flourishing cities of the golden horde, whose trade through the black sea was controlled by the genoese. History 125 – spring 2017 midterm study guide the format of the midterm will be: a multiple choice section of 35 questions essay you will need a green scantron, a blank blue book or a couple of sheets of loose leaf paper, and a pencil. The adventures of ibn battuta, pg37) he completed his 1st hajj (dunn, the adventures of ibn battuta, pgs66-79) he then decided to visit iraq and persia after completed of his 2nd hajj, ibn battuta sailed down the eastern coast of africa to the area of tanzania (gibbibn battuta, pgs 106-115. Fifty years later, when ibn battuta began his journey, the pax mongolica was more precarious, but hospitality and safety were provided to muslims by a network of muslim traders and rulers extending from southeast asia to the strait of gibraltar.

Two of the most notable developments include the caravel, which aided european explorers in their conquest of the americas, and the stirrup and composite bow, which the mongols used to conquer eurasia and eventually led to the pax mongolica these technological developments had major effects on both societies. The pax mongolica contributed to the development of a new global culture because the mongol khans pursued peaceful trade and diplomacy (220) the bubonic plague epidemic of the 1300s led to the destruction of the mongol empire because of the deaths it caused also, the plague had demoralized the living and deprived the mongol golden family of. The pax mongolica, or “mongol peace,” revitalized the silk roads for a century as the strength of mongol rule secured the safety of what had become a dangerous zone for brigands, or bandits 2. What was pax mongolica what were the effects of pax mongolica unit synthesis task multiple choice new york state document based essay question rubric separated by category new york state thematic essay question rubric separated by category what do ibn battuta’s travels and his account of those travels reveal about the islamic world.

Pax mongolica and ibn batutta essay
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